Scientific shop

Scientific shop

A wonderful mix of IQ challenges and toddler toys. The shop offers a wide range – from small spinning tops to fiendishly difficult puzzles. There is no entrance fee for visitors to the shop.

Children’s parties and mature presents

Here you can find original toys and children’s presents suitable for birthdays. We can give advice about children’s take-home bags for a party. And we have many alternatives for folk who want to find something special for an adult who "already has everything".

Construction and fantasy

We have a large range of different construction toys where the children build and allow their fantasy free rein. Many different types of puzzle – also for adults - at any level of difficulty!

Smart and convenient for teachers

Official purchases from preschools and schools can be paid for by invoice. Entry fee, lunch and shopping all on the same invoice – simple and convenient. 

Shelves with different products in the shop

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