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This is us

Science and technology are fun if someone explains them in the right way. It's only when you get to test something for real you can understand it. Welcome to a science centre for the whole family!

What can you do at Tom Tits Experiment?

We have four floors and a park (open May-September) with experiments that children, teenagers and adults can enjoy. The experiments tempt us into learning a little bit more about technology, physics, maths, geography, biology, how people work, illusions, and much, much more.

Play and learn together

All the experiments are true hands-on experiments. No previous knowledge is necessary, and most things can be done by anyone, no matter how young or old. You get the chance to use all senses, and many of the experiments you experience quite simply with your full body, by twisting, jumping or bouncing.

Where do you start?

You can test the experiments in any order. We have TV screens on each floor that shows the program for the day. To see a map of the house, click here.

A child is holding a soap bubble

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