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Summer break

During summer break we invite you to an exciting world of outdoor discoveries at Tom Tits Experiment. Our summer break activities are perfect for young and old children who are curious about science and technology. If you are looking for things to do during the summer break, you have come to the right place!

Summer break activities

During the summer, you can enjoy our theme "Train Like an Astronaut" in our experiment park. In addition to our park experiments, the park is expanded with new experiments and activities related to the theme, such as the log course, string maze, and the collaboration experiment.

You can also enjoy light meals and ice cream in our park café, eat pizza from the pizza container, or choose from an à la carte menu at the restaurant. More information about food at Tom Tit can be found here.

Outdoor Experiments in The south park

Our large outdoor area, The south park (Södra Parken), transforms into a scientific playground during the warmer months of the year. Here, children of all ages can challenge themselves with various experiments. The south park is the perfect destination for fun activities during the summer break with kids. There is plenty of fun to do and discover, including:

  • Cycling on a Wire
  • Spinning in the Centrifuge
  • Exploring the Energy Forest
  • Vibrating with the Sound Stones

By cycling on a wire, you can safely experience circus life. The bike is specially designed and equipped with a counterweight that lowers the center of gravity. This allows you to challenge your balance in a whole new way. Is there anyone in the family who dares to bike the entire length?

Another popular experiment is the centrifuge. It takes you on a dizzying ride where you are pressed against the wall by centrifugal force, creating a unique feeling of weightlessness.

In The south park, you can also explore the energy forest. Here, you will learn more about what an energy forest really is and how it is possible to convert trees into energy. Those who are truly adventurous can try their luck at gold panning. In the classic way, you get to try panning for gold, and if you find any, you can take it home.

For a fascinating demonstration of the laws of physics, you can try hitting the sound stones found in The south park. When you hit the stones, you can hear how the vibrations are transformed into light waves that spread through the air.

The north park

The north park (Norra Parken) offers exciting summer activities as well. The wind tree teaches you how a wind turbine works, and on the seesaw bridge, the whole family can work together to find balance.

These experiments are just a few of all the summer activities we have in our parks. Our outdoor area is therefore filled with exciting activities to do during the summer break with kids, but there are also plenty of experiments to explore indoors.

Safety in the Park

Since the park is filled with both water experiments and waterways, it is very important that a guardian or another responsible adult supervises the children. For everyone's safety, children under 12 years old are not allowed to be in the park unsupervised.

Indoor Summer Activities

Inside the Tom Tits Experiment Science Center, four floors of fun experiences await. There are experiments for both young and old children. Even the adults in the family will find challenging and educational experiments.

The lightning creator is one of our most popular indoor experiments. Here, you will learn more about how the weather phenomenon lightning works. The experiment involves charging two spheres until a discharge occurs, creating lightning.

Indoors, there are also experiments where you can learn more about electromagnetism, DNA, the domino effect, and much more.

Fun things to do during summer break

Choosing Tom Tits Experiment for summer activities near Stockholm means the whole family will have a day filled with learning and adventure. We offer a unique environment for children and adults to explore science, technology and physics together.

Tom Tits Experiment is suitable for children in all ages, and requires no prior knowledge for any of our experiments. We look forward to offering you a summer filled with discoveries.

Pre-book your tickets for summer break

Don't forget that you can buy tickets in advance to secure your spot. This is especially important during holidays and weekends when a lot of people are visiting us. If you are wondering how to get here, there are directions to be found here.

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