Summer is here and the park is open

Our experiment park is open daily with popular ride experiments like the Robocoaster, Self-Fall, and Cycling on a Tightrope. On June 1st, the outdoors area will be invaded by the summer's honored guests as 30 giant little creatures come to settle throughout the entire park. The guest list includes ants, spiders, flies, cockroaches, fleas, dragonflies, and grasshoppers, along with many more, both domestic and exotic critters. Some of the creatures will be placed in the middle of the park for small children to ride on, while others can be observed in constructed habitats resembling their normal environment. 

In addition to this and what the park already offers with existing experiments, activities such as butterfly releases, guided tours, and programmed robot pollinators will be organized to highlight what you can do to strengthen the population and diversity of the little creatures.

Lunch and coffee is served in the café on the second floor

Starting from January, 9th, we are refurbishing our restaurant. Welcome to the café for our popular lunch buffet or some coffee with Swedish pastries. 

Tom Tits Experiment – for the very youngest

“Science and technology have no age limits! Children are born researchers; in their early years, children conduct thousands of experiments in order to understand their bodies and surroundings.” Tiffany Alnefelt, educator and programme developer at Tom Tits Experiment.

It is therefore excellent news that we have received a grant to continue our work on the project BabySTEM: The Joy of Discovery for the Very Youngest.

During 2022, we will be inviting parents and their children up to two years of age to themed meetings at Tom Tits. Parents will gain knowledge and inspiration so that they can explore science with their children in everyday life.

The project, which has been made possible by funding from Skandia’s Ideas for Life foundation, is being conducted with parent groups in Södertälje.

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