En person åker i experimentet Centrifugen

The Centrifuge

The Centrifuge rotates at over 30 km/h. This causes a centrifugal force so great that you don’t need a floor to stand on – the force presses you against the wall.

The rotation in the Centrifuge gives rise to a force that is greater than the Earth’s force of gravity. This is why you remain hanging at the wall when the floor under your feet is lowered. The Earth’s gravity has a magnitude at sea level of 1G. The force that the rotation in the centrifuge creates has a magnitude of 3.7G in the horizontal direction, and is known as a centripetal force.

Fighter pilots in a steep dive are exposed to more than 7G when the plane starts to climb again after the dive, and this means that they have to wear special pressure suits. The pressure suit prevents the pilot from experiencing a blackout, when the blood leaves the head and is pressed down towards the feet during the dive.

Check the programme screens to see when the Centrifuge is open.

Minimum age: 8 years.

Please note: Pregnant women and people with heart conditions or other physical disabilities should not take the ride.

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