Science and technology are fun if someone explains them in the right way. Only when you get to test something for real can you understand it, and then the knowledge you’ve gained remains with you.

Två personer står i Ljuspaviljongen


It's when you're having fun that you learn things – to experiment is to try doing things yourself. That's exactly what you do here in whatever order you choose. Read more about our experiments, both indoors and outdoors.

Soap bubble show

At Tom Tits we welcome you to the magical world of soap bubbles. Why are bubbles round? Can we make square bubbles? And how big can we make bubbles? Get the answers at our soap bubble show!


We leave the building blocks in your hands. Build new from old material. This is where science and art go hand-in-hand. In Makerspace, everyone has fun. 


Learn more about your fantastic body and all of its functions, learn how your senses work, explore water, experience illusions and much more in our exhibitions.

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