Winter holiday

During the winter break at Tom Tit, we do exactly like Marcus Wandt - we gaze into the infinity. In addition to our house with 400 experiments, there will also be program activities themed around space.

Are you interested in how astronauts train, both mentally and physically? During the winter break, you can use our astronaut maps to find and test our experiments related to space. With the help of our climbing wall, our energy bikes, or our reaction test, you can prepare your body in the same way astronauts do. The brain also needs to be strengthened for a space journey. Here, you can train your brain with our puzzle corner or mindball.

Program Activities

We have a lot of space activities in the house. For example, you can drive a space-bot with the goal of collecting junk that has ended up in space. If you like to create, there are materials where you can build rockets, comets, or aliens. If you are particularly proud of your creation, take a photo and tag #rymdentomtit on Instagram to compete for free tickets!


With our experiment, Spaceball, you can train like Marcus Wandt. Space Ball was actually built as a training device for astronauts to get used to spinning without getting nauseous. The question is, do you dare to spin?

Height limit: 155-190 cm.

Moon Jump

Up in the east attic, you can, through our experiment, moon jump, get a sense of what it's like to be weightless. In the attic, you can also challenge your family members in balance, strength training, and fine motor skills.

There are also adapted moon jumps for younger children up in the east attic.

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