Experimentet Åskflaskan

The glass barometer

A barometer that shows the air pressure can also show what the weather will be like. Low pressure causes the water to sink in the barometer and increase in the pipe, meaning worse weather. When the water in the barometer rises and the water in the pipe sinks, this means that the pressure is high and the weather is nice.

Where can you see this?

Barometers can be used to see differences in air pressure to be able to predict weather as well as for measuring heights. A more advanced barometer known as a Vidi barometer is used for this. A Vidi – or aneroid barometer – is made up of an airtight and flexible metal box that is pushed together or expands depending on the surrounding air pressure. The movements are transferred onto a display and a scale. To conduct accurate measurements, adjustments are made for the hight above sea level.

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