Ett barn provar experimentet Dubbelspegeln

The double mirror

The two angled mirrors mean you can see yourself the right way, and your mirror image from the front and behind. The number of images we see depends on three different factors, how light it is, how clean and flat the mirrors’ surfaces are and how good your vision is.

Where can you see this?

You can make a kaleidoscope where you use the principle of mirrors mirroring each other into infinity.

How to make your own kaleidoscope.

Plastic mirror measuring 9 x 10 cm, sellotape, plastic cutter, steel ruler

- Start by measuring three sections that are three cm wide on the back of the mirror.
- Take the plastic cutter and a steel ruler and cut the three pieces measuring 3 x 10 cm.
- Tape the three mirrors together around 1 mm apart, see image 1. Tape the back.

Picture 1


- Then fold the three mirrors together, with the reflective side facing inwards and tape the final side together.

Practical tips:
- You might need to file the edges that will touch your eye so you do not hurt yourself.
- Point the kaleidoscope towards something like your fingers, patterned material or trees and look at the pattens that appear.

A kaleidoscope is usually made of three mirrors angled against each other, and small coloured pieces of glass placed in a tube. The pieces of glass are reflected in different ways, and build symmetrical patterns depending on how you move the tube.

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