Developing teaching skills

We know how to make science and technology teaching fun. We can help you with to develop expertise that creates meaningful education, with a balanced mix of theory and practical work.

Subject-specific teaching

Tom Tits Experiment arranges further education, expertise development and training for teachers of all school ages. 

If you want to discuss a tailor-made day of further education, or if you have any questions, contact us.

3D Printer

This course gives you knowledge and skills in 3D printing. You will learn how a 3D printer works, how to operate it and which programs to use to print such items as product prototypes, spare parts, artworks, etc. The printing of a freely chosen 3D object is included in the course.

Algorithmic logic

This course teaches how to get started and continue working with programming and algorithmic logic in preschools and compulsory schools. You obtain knowledge and skills in programming and algorithm construction by practical examples and workshops at Tom Tits.


Scratch is a programming language in which you learn to create games, music, animations, etc. Scratch gives you basic knowledge in programming and algorithmic logic.

Theory of teaching

We offer study days for specialists in the theory of teaching at Tom Tits. The specialists use experiment as a method to learn how to nurture interest in science and technology. More information about the study days is available here. 


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