Prepurchased tickets

Prepurchased tickets

A simple and efficient way of paying for entry is to buy your tickets in advance. In this way you can bypass the queue, scanning your ticket by the side of the main entry desk.

You can now buy tickets online at any time. Prepurchased tickets can be either printed out or be stored in your mobile phone or tablet computer. Scan your ticket by the side of the main entry desk. 

Tickets purchased on our website are subject to a service charge, which is applied by the company that administers the system. During school holidays (both the autumn half-term and the summer holidays) we have extremely many visitors and long queues may form. This means that it’s a good idea to prepurchase tickets and bypass the queue. At other times of the year we are very efficient on the entry desk, and queues seldom form. In this case, it’s just as easy to buy your ticket when you arrive.

12-year age limit

Only children older than 12 years may visit without an accompanying adult (older than 18 years).

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