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Tom Tits Experiment

– you and hundreds of experiments

Embrace the joy of discovery and create unforgettable memories as you and your colleagues, friends, or class gain VIP access to the best of what Tom Tits Experiment has to offer. For a limited time, (August 23 – September 30), you can explore all floors of experiments and our lush park as a private group.

Experiment at home with us!

Tips on fun home experiments

On our Instagram you will find a bunch of exciting experiments that you can easily try at home in the kitchen. For example, we show how to put out a candle using vacuum, and we find out if snow melts at different speed depending on how hard it's packed. You can also make meringues from chickpea spade or create unique soap bubble artwork. Educational and exciting for the whole family!

The materials we use in the experiments are things that usually can be found at home. Remember to always be accompanied by an adult when experimenting with candlelight. Good luck!

Ett barn experimenterar i Kemiköket

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