Children's parties

Children's parties

Children are curious – and that’s what we like. Here we have wide open spaces for children. The entire Tom Tits Experiment is included at children's parties. 

Play, adventures and something to eat

At the start of the party one of our party hosts explains what’s available. After that, everyone is free to explore and experiment. The children’s party lasts for three hours. 

When the party is over after three hours, it’s time to go home. The party host says “Goodbye", to everyone and hands out a goodbye present.

Birthday party att Tom Tits Experiment SEK 350/child

The Birthday party includes:

  • The complete Tom Tits Experiment building
  • Your own party host 
  • Introduction – we tell the children what is available throughout the building
  • Soap bubble show
  • Belgian waffle with accessories or 2 hot dogs
  • Smakis
  • Ice cream
  • Take-home present for all children.
  • "Welcome back" ticket for the birthday child
  • Extra “experimental surprise”

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