We are finally ready to open our new exhibition about the human body on the 16th of February – CellSkapt! Everyone is welcome! 

We want everyone to be able to recognise themselves in any part of the exhibition, and at the same time be fascinated by how amazing all humans are with their different qualities, knowledge and needs.

As you walk up the stairs, you can follow the process it takes to create a human being, from the first cell division to a complete person. In the actual exhibition room, you can explore the entire body from the tiniest component part to the whole person.  

With our visualisation table you can examine the inside of a human body, test how to improve your physical abilities in different ways. Using VR technology, you can take a trip along the bloodstream in the Space Ball experiment.

You can explore what happens in the body when we eat, what your blood veins look like and how many times we fart on average every day, along with much more.

The exhibition is incredibly varied, from analogue experiments, traditional anatomic models to digital play surfaces and digital visualisation.

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