Autumn break at Tom Tit

Tom Tits Experiment is opening its doors again for the autumn break. Weather permitting, all rides will be open during the day, and we will be lighting bonfires when darkness falls and heading out with our experiment cart, which is brimming with fire! To make things extra autumnal and cosy, we will be lighting bonfires and lanterns around the park and transforming our ice cream café into a cosy café corner.

We will also be extending our opening hours, so you can choose between visiting in the daytime or in the evening.

The daytime session is from 9:00–14:00

  • Access to the entire building and its 400 experiments
  • Park and all rides are open throughout the session
  • Extra soap bubble shows

The evening session is from 15:00 to 20:00

  • Access to the entire building and its 400 experiments
  • The park and rides will be open until around 17:30. After this time, some parts of the park will be closed due to darkness.
  • Additional activities after darkness falls: Experiment cart with fire and reflector trail.

Note that Tom Tits will close 14:00–15:00 so day-ticket holders will not be able to stay on and attend the evening session as well.


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