Compulsory schools

Compulsory schools

At Tom Tits Experiment, the pupils get to test, think, build and use all the experiments in the whole building. Trying things out yourself and seeing the result makes it easier to understand.

Visit without a Tom Tits guide

When you book the visit, you can ask that a short introduction to Tom Tits Experiment is given when you arrive.

We want children and adults to test, twist, swivel, feel and investigate our experiments in a responsible manner. The exhibition contains descriptions and explanations of the experiments, and it may be the case that you take more questions home with you than you had when you arrived. This is one of the strengths of Tom Tits Experiment, and it’s important that you continue to work with the experiments in the classroom.

There is a room at Tom Tits Experiment where you can eat food that you bring with you, and leave outdoor clothes and bags. Items of value must not be left in this room. We have a number of lockers in which the most important items can be locked.

Price for visits booked in advance
Entry fee per pupil: SEK 120 (incl. VAT)
Entry fee per adult: SEK 120 (incl. VAT)

Between 1 September and 30 April, we have a special offer for prebooked school visits.

Entry fee per pupil: SEK 65 (incl. VAT)
Entry fee for teachers: SEK 0

Conditions: visits booked in advance. If such visits are paid in cash, payment must take place for the complete group at the same time.