Barn bygger med Lego

Renewable energy with Lego Spike

Which renewable energy sources do we use in the Nordic countries? How can we meet the energy needs of the future? What are the various advantages and disadvantages of the different renewable energy sources?

Students in grades 4-6 will build simulations of renewable energy sources and discuss the consequences of different technological choices. The program begins with an introductory video by a sustainability strategist from Infranode AB, who talks about the Nordic infrastructure and the need for various energy sources. The class is then encouraged to work in pairs to construct their own renewable energy source. During the lesson, the group will discuss the different options. If time allows, students will also have the opportunity to improve their constructions and think innovatively about improvement possibilities.

The program aims to increase understanding of how different energy sources work by having students build and program a simulation of a renewable energy source themselves. Additionally, students will discuss and reflect on the complexity of selecting different energy sources, as well as practice following instructions and collaborating in pairs.

This free school program is made possible by our sponsor, Infranode AB.

Connections to Lgr22

  • Forms of energy and different types of energy sources and their environmental impact.
  • Consequences of technological choices: the advantages and disadvantages of different technical solutions for people and the environment.
  • Own constructions using mechanisms, electrical connections, and durable and stable structures.
  • Controlling own constructions or other objects with programming.

Practical Information

The school program is free for grades 4-6. The estimated duration is 1.25 hours, and the maximum number of students per group is 32. To give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding, we encourage school classes to stay at Tom Tit and explore energy through our experiments. For schools outside Södertälje municipality, admission will apply. See prices here.

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