Don´t miss out on all the new things we have going on in our house. such as holiday activities or a new exhibition. We have many activities for both children and adults.

Half-term holiday

The half-term holiday starts on 16th February and this is when we open our new exhibition, CellSkapt! Embark on a journey through the bloodstream, watch a digital autopsy, play by using the body, create alginate worms in the chemistry kitchen and much more. Challenge the body at Tom Tits Experiment!

Renovations on Floor 4

In the same way as our bodies change as we get older, the exhibition of the body on Floor 4 needs to be changed. Therefore, this autumn Floor 4 will be closed off (apart from the slide) so we can do renovations. The new exhibition CellSkapt will be ready in February 2019.
The experiments on Floor 4 will be moved to other places in the building, for instance, to Helt Sinnes on Floor 2. 

Children of Single Mothers

Tom Tits Experiment are proud to be a collaboration partner of Fryshuset’s project ”Barn till Ensamma Mammor” (Children of Single Mothers). From the perspective of promoting health and wellbeing, the aim of this project is to create great childhood memories and experiences. “Barn till Ensamma Mammor” strives to support children living with their single mothers in a situation of economic and/or social vulnerability. In practice, this means the project organises regular meetings, activities, holiday activities and courses for its members which are free of charge. If you would like to take part in their meetings, or if you want to support the project, more information is available on their website