Train the brain

Train the brain

“But this is the half-term holiday for sport,” you may be thinking, and we reply: “Train your brain!” It’s quite true – the brain can be exercised just like any muscle in the body. 

Memory challenge

Can you exercise the brain? What sort of exercise should you do to train the brain? Every day, we arrange a workshop for people of all ages. Here you can try your hand at exercises that train the brain, and can get some hints and useful advice from our guides. 


Creativity is always central in Makerspace. Model building and programming are on the timetable for this half-term break!
You can get an introduction to programming using our Bluebots at certain times of the day. Can you write a programme to get them safely around the course?

Soap bubbles

Welcome to the world of soap bubbles at Tom Tits Experiment. Make the biggest bubble you can – how big? Can you stand inside a soap bubble? Or build a wall of a soap bubble film? Don’t miss the soap bubble show every day, with square bubbles, white bubbles, bubbles that are several metres long, and lots of other bubbles!