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Upcoming exhibitions & experiments

Tom Tits Experiment is a building that is in constant development and renewal. You can read more about our upcoming experiments and exhibitions here.

We have exciting news! Soon, we will launch a new (big!) experiment in our exhibition Forces and Movement – get ready to explore the Machine.

Illustration av experimentet Maskinen

The Machine is a several meters large thingamajig. It goes on and on and on – as long as you keep the ball moving. Work together at different stations and follow the ball's winding journey through the Machine, up and down and here and there. At the same time, you explore the mechanisms of the five simple machines and how they work together in a technical system in a clever and exciting way. Can you get the ball to make its way all around the Machine?

The golden rule of mechanics "whatever is lost in force, it is gained in displacement, and vice versa" plays a central part when the Machine gets going, just like in several other places in the exhibition Forces & Movement.

Make sure you don't miss this! The Machine will premiere during this spring – keep an eye on our website and social media channels for upcoming information.

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