What do a mammoth, a sabre-toothed tiger, a woolly rhinoceros and a cave bear have in common? Well, all of them are moving into our park this summer!


Age of the giants

At last, our park will be welcoming new tenants and we will have the opportunity to learn more about these gigantic prehistoric animals. How long could a mammoth’s tusks grow? What kind of animal was the smilodon? Which animal’s skeleton was initially mistaken for a dragon? And how big was the Irish elk?  

Do you dare to go close?

How close do you really dare to go to the animals? You have to beware so you don't get caught in the mammoth's tusks or get scared of any sudden sounds... The animals in the exhibition can both move and make sounds. 

The animals in our exhibition are created based on the latest scientific findings. Their teeth and tusks are shaped according to archaeological findings, their skin is based on fossil imprints and their motor-controlled movements have been programmed based on those of each animal’s modern relatives. So, their appearance and movements are both very realistic and detailed.

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En sabeltandad tiger

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