It can be difficult to weld together a group of people. We know that it gets easier if you do it with laughter and relaxed participants. 

Experiments in competition

-Large (10 experiments) approximately 1.5 hours

-Small (5 experiments) approximately 45 minutes

Which team performs the experiments in the best way? Which team gets the highest points in the various experiments? What you need here are a loud voice, good navigation skills, and good teamwork.

Building team spirit

An activity in Makerspace together with a brief guided tour, one experiment on each floor.

In our creative workshop Makerspace we offer special challenges and tasks. It may be a case of combining experience to produce a new idea, finding an unexpected solution to a problem, or seeing things from a different angle. Here you can develop creativity and the ability to think in new ways. After being assigned to teams, each team receives a bag of materials. Within a limited time, your task is to use the content of the bag to create something that can move across the floor and leave a trail.

Contact Sofie Gazso at or telephone 08-5502 3024 for more information or to book a tour.