Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

More than half of all the people in the world who work have unfair jobs. They may have low pay, strange working hours and bad bosses. Women and children often face the worst conditions (yes, there are children who have to work).

You can help by buying items that are labelled as Fairtrade or Krav. This is examples of labels that is used to mark goods that are produced in a good way. If we buyers demand things that are made in a fair way, manufacturers will be forced to treat their employees fairly in order to sell their products.

The challenge – Fairness detective

Adults and children do lots of work every day. At home, you and your family may need to fix breakfast, fill and empty the dishwasher, set the table, cook, do homework, light a fire in the boiler, take care of your pets, and collect the post every day. Every week, someone must shop, clean, wash clothes and water flowers.

Your mission as a fairness detective is to investigate whether your household chores are fairly distributed. You can investigate this question with the help of statistics. Conduct your investigation over the course of one or two weeks.

  • Start by writing down the chores that are done at your home every day or every week.
  • Ask everyone in the family to write their name on the list every time a chore is done.
  • Ask them to also write an estimate of how long it takes to do each chore.

Once the investigation is complete, you’ll see how many different things each family member does and how much time each family member spends on household chores every week. Adults and children probably do different types of work and work for different lengths of time, but you can still consider how fair your family is when it comes to housework.

If your findings don’t seem fair, then you can divide the housework together to ensure decent and fair working conditions for everyone in your family! For example, ask a grown-up show you how to wash clothes. Then you can take responsibility for sorting out all the black clothes in the laundry basket, and wash the clothes and hang them up when the machine has finished running.




Illustration. A child is holding a basket of Fairtrade-labeled boxes.

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