Goal 5 - Gender equality

Goal 5 - Gender equality

Gender equality means that women and men, girls and boys should have the same opportunities, rights and obligations. Equality is essential to our ability to live sustainable, peaceful lives. The world is a better place when boys and girls can contribute with their resources and knowledge on equal terms. All children have amazing abilities, ideas and motivations. We must make the most of their potential. Your school has a curriculum. It says that everyone should be treated equally regardless of gender. Is that the case?

The challenge – Game Scout

At school recess, go outside as usual. Bring a piece of paper and a pencil. It’s a great idea to ask a friend to help you – one person can write and the other can count. First write down which games are played at recess. Perhaps some kids play football, some play four square, and a few jump rope, or perhaps the children at your school play something totally different at recess.

  • Count and record how many girls and boys play each game.
  • What did you discover? Do boys and girls play different things, or do they play the same games together?
  • Is there any difference between which games are played by the girls and the boys?
  • How do you play? Do you play games in which mostly girls or mostly boys participate, or do you play something where you are about the same number of boys and girls? Whatever game you play, you should of course keep playing it if you think that it’s fun – but now you have a new challenge:

Try out a game you don't usually play!

Sometimes it’s good to do something you aren’t used to, because suddenly you might discover something really fun that you didn’t even know you liked!




Illustration. A child in a school bench raises its hand.

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