Goal 3 - Good health and well-being

Goal 3 - Good health and well-being

If you feel well, you’re more likely to get involved and influence and contribute to social development. Every child in Sweden receives free healthcare and free medicine. This is not the case in every country. Everyone has the right to be as healthy as possible. Therefore, it is important that medicines such as antibiotics work. Today certain risks are emerging because some bacteria have stopped dying from antibiotics. These bacteria have built up a resistance because we are over-using antibiotics, both when we are sick and in livestock farming.

Your body feels good when you eat wholesome, healthy food. It also benefits from fresh air and physical activity. This will keep you healthier, because your body will become more resilient. Run, cycle, jump, walk and spend time outdoors with your friends.

The challenge – Body chemistry and feeling

The body’s chemistry affects us in many ways. Physical activity makes you feel happy and pleasantly tired. Engaging in a lot of daily physical activity strengthens muscles and makes it easier for your brain to concentrate. Daylight controls many chemical functions in our bodies. Your brain works more quickly, and this means that you think better. One of the most important functions of light is to regulate wakefulness and sleep. Sleeping is vital! Many people sleep far too little.


  • Challenge a friend or an adult to jump rope. You can jump many jumps, or try to jump as slowly or as quickly as you can. The important thing is to have fun together!
  • Perhaps you live close to school or the place where you practice sports, but the grown-up who takes you there still takes the car. Challenge him or her to walk or bike there together instead!
  • If it’s a long way to sports practice and you have to travel there by car, you can challenge the grown-ups to walk or bike together someplace closer to home. Maybe there are new paths or trails that you can discover together.
  • Our body chemistry can also make us happy. When someone strokes you or hugs you, a substance is released into your body. This substance is called oxytocin. It makes you feel good. Give lots of hugs!
  • Hey, you! When you use a bicycle helmet, reflectors and lamps on the road, the risk of accidents decreases and you can continue to change the world.

There are two simple tricks to getting a really good night’s sleep:

  • Spend as much time in daylight as you can!
  • Get moving!





Illustration. A child jumps rope.

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