Goal 16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions

Goal 16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions

Violence in all its forms is the biggest threat to a sustainable development. No progress can be achieved in a world full of violence, conflicts, or threats of violence. Peace and freedom are the only solution. When people are able to exercise influence and when they know that the law treats everyone equally, there are fewer conflicts.

Peace begins with you and me. It all starts with something as simple as being kind. Those who are kind to others help make the world a more peaceful place.

The challenge – The theory of happiness!

Here at Tom Tit’s Experiment, we are convinced that happiness can change the world – and many other people agree. We call this "the theory of happiness". When you smile, signals announcing "joy" are sent to your brain and you feel happier. Happiness is also contagious. If you see someone smiling at you, it’s hard to resist smiling back. Our brains contain "mirror neurons" which are activated when we look at other people and cause us to want to mimic (or mirror) their behaviour. We yawn when others yawn and laugh when others laugh – put simply, we’re copycats. If someone is kind to you, you want to be kind to them.

Your task is to spend a week acting in ways that make other people happy. Suggest that your entire class participate in this assignment. Do you notice any difference at the end of the week?

Being kind is usually quite easy

  • Smile at everyone you meet on the street.
  • Praise someone you don’t know.
  • Say hello to someone you don’t usually talk to.
  • Give a compliment, preferably to someone you don’t know.
  • If you are offered something in a group, allow someone else to have "first dibs".
  • Hold open the door for the person behind you.
  • Say thank you! Thanks for the food or thanks for the ride, for example.
  • If someone looks uncertain or seems lost, ask if he or she needs help.

If you want to say something nice to someone you don’t know but feel shy about doing so, you can become a "secret buddy":

Draw a nice picture or write a kind message. For example, write "I’m glad you exist!" and put the note in that person’s cubby at school or send it as a letter.




Illustration. A child is watching a dove.

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