Goal 15 - Life on land

Goal 15 - Life on land

We live on a clever planet! Everything in nature is connected in systems, where the different parts help each other. When nature helps us it is called "ecosystem services". Trees that cool the environment and provide us with oxygen are one example of an ecosystem service. Everything in nature has a task – therefore, everything is important and diversity is essential.

To ensure the Earth’s well-being, we need as much biodiversity as possible. If any part of nature disappears, the balance is upset and part of the ecosystem is damaged. About 10 percent of Sweden’s animals, plants and fungi are endangered and at risk of extinction. That’s a lot! We must help to ensure the continued existence of as many plants and animals as possible.

The challenge - Better balance!

Eat food produced in Sweden

In Sweden, we have many grazing cows and sheep. These animals benefit biodiversity. In pastures with grazing animals, weeds and shrubbery are kept at bay, allowing many rare plants and animals to thrive. That’s why it’s good to buy Swedish milk and Swedish meat from pasture-raised, grazing animals. If you choose organically produced food, that’s even better for biodiversity.

Don’t tidy up your garden so much!

Many animals and insects like to live in old stumps, partially rotten wood, and piles of leaves. Therefore, it’s good to leave a few fallen branches in some nice corner of your garden.

Keep piles of leaves in your garden, too – preferably in a sheltered place so that they don’t get blown away by an autumn storm. Perhaps a hedgehog will move into your leaf pile!

Plant a restaurant for insects

In the autumn you can plant plants that bloom early in the spring so that the butterflies and insects that wake up early will have something to eat. Insect favourites include bulbous plants such as crocuses, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and snowdrops. You can plant the bulbs well into the autumn, right up until the ground freezes.

Ecolabelling in the bathroom

Use detergents, soaps, shampoos and skin care products that are labelled with any certified ecolabel. That way, as few harmful substances as possible will be released into nature via our water supply, and more species can survive.




Illustration. A child is looking at a butterfly.

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