Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Manufacturing and buying lots of things negatively affects the environment. That is why we must be sure to only buy what we need, and make sure that these items are manufactured fairly and made of harmless substances.

One fun and creative way to help is to try to make something new from something old. Use your imagination and salvage, recycle and reuse!

The challenge – Use what you have at home!

Look through your junk collections at home a bit more carefully. You may find materials that can be used to make new things! When you use what you already have, you don’t need to buy new items and you contribute to a sustainable society.

You can use bottle caps and screw caps to make a refrigerator magnet or a pushpin for a bulletin board. Write something nice on the cap or draw and cut out a picture. Glue it to one side of the cap. Glue a thumbtack or magnet to the other side.

You can use tea light cups to make stars and flowers. Use household scissors and cut slanted clips or arches around the entire cup. Fold out the trimmed edges to make a flat star or flower. Be careful not to cut or poke yourself on the sharp metal! If you´d like you could make a hole and draw a string through to hang it up.




Illustration. A child is holding a keychain.

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