Vildhjärnan på tom tits

A world of discovery

Tom Tits Experiment is a huge building filled with experiments for young and old to try out together. This is where science and technology for children are really cool. Come in and have a go, and discover all that you didn’t know that you knew.

Buses to Tom Tits Experiment

May  26 and 30 you can take  charter buses going to Tom Tits and back to Stockholm city.
Take the bus from Slottsbacken, in the Old Town (Gamla stan)

Departure Stockholm:  10 am
Arrival: Tom Tits Experiment: 11 am
Departure Tom Tits Experiment: 1.30 pm


You buy your bus- and entrance ticket at Tourist center Köpmangatan 22 in the Old town, Stockholm, (SEK, Euro or card) Or directly on the bus ( SEK, Euro, no cards)

On the bus there will be a Russian/English speaking guide.
Dates when the buss will departure: 26 and 30th of May.
The bus will have a sign saying “Tom Tits”

Fee entrance to Tom Tits + bus ticket Adults 189 sek+60 SEK,
Children (3-14 years) 149 sek+60 SEK Stockholm card free entrance+60 SEK

Tourists with the Stockholm card have free admission to Tom Tits Experiment, you pay only for the service fee when traveling by bus.

Tom Tits Experiment – the famous Swedish Science Centre

Bring the family on a visit to our huge building full of experiments. Here you can open the door to a world where you can choose whether to dive deep into a mixture of creativity and knowledge or simply draw your fingers across the surface. This is a world of magic that invites young and old to explore and experiment together. You can spend a whole day in our building without exhausting all the possibilities on offer, or you can choose to just drop in for a few hours and concentrate on exactly what you and your family are interested in.

What can you do at Tom Tits Experiment?

We have four floors full of hundreds of experiments that attract children, adults, and everyone in between. The experiments tempt you into learning a little bit more about science, technology, physics, maths, geography, biology, how people work, illusions, and much, much more. All we ask is that you leave “Right” and “Wrong” at the door and prepare yourself to light the fire that we all have within us. In addition, the park with its exciting experiments is open between May and September (closed from September 15, 2014). We have a buffet restaurant, a café that serves organic produce, and a room where you can eat your own food. Tom Tits Experiment is a perfect outing for the complete family. We are only 35 minutes from Stockholm, and it’s easy to get here by car or commuter train from Stockholm Centralstation. Come in and wake your wacky brain at Tom Tits Experiment!